I was born in Hangzhou, China and I moved to Sydney, Australia by myself when I was

18. Nine years later, I visited New York City in 2013, and I have stayed there ever

since. A few of my projects/collectives are Madai!(麻袋!), 吅(Xuan Song), JellØ,  Straw Pipes, The Doilies,

and my solo project Lullady.

I play with images, films/ videos and active/ live installations, in all of which I am

aiming to explore the many possibilities that are either invisible or ignored. I am

especially interested in the process over the result, questions over answers, flaws over

perfection. I want to focus on performances which are spontaneous and interactive. I

conceive of my long-term project as the creation of a temporal utopian zone, an instrument-asenvironment,

a musical-influenced structure, that is part sonic architecture and part

social sculpture, a combination of prepared instruments or found sonic objects that are

also interacting with projections & performance. Conceptually, I perceive it as a platform

in which to critique my social milieu, as well as to record and respond to my nightmares, memory 

and visions. I intend to create an alternative site where creativity and ideas can cross

boundaries so they can be exchanged and connected.

My visual work and performances have been exhibited or shown at Greene-Naftali

Gallery, David Zwirner Gallery, Hauser & Wirth Gallery, Microscope Gallery, NYU, Tufts University, SUNY at Purchase, Children’s Museum of the Arts,

Columbus Theater (Providence), Here Theater, Knockdown Center, Knitting Factory,

Radiator Gallery, Harpy Gallery, CFCP Gallery, Secret Project Robot, Elsewhere, Trans

Pecos, Synesthesia, Sunview Luncheonette, the Abasement series at Max Fish,

Downtown Music Gallery, The Glove, 411 Kent, and various other venues. I sometimes play secret

shows at public spaces in New York City.