"I believe that, in every person, there is an area which speaks or hears in the poetic idiom. . . something in her which can still sing in the desert when the throat is almost too dry for speaking."

<> Maya Deren, A Statement of Principles / Film Culture Magazine

wabi~sabi = nothing lasts

                   nothing is finished

                   nothing is perfect

                    & “the imperfect is alive!”

"I hunt surprise, becoming lost, as I find it"

"I have chosen my love of unpredictable textures.

I perceive I sense visual music

I prefer discovery without destination."  <> LeLe Dai

A philosophical puppeteer, manipulating with the tao of dreams, a satellite of senses in flux.

A playful explorer, spelunker of nightmares, not avoiding melancholy or remorse, but diving into the maelstrom.

A chef in the toy kitchen, left to her own devices, dismantling menus, garments, masks & machines,

while mixing joy & terror, fear & longing, ecstasy & horror, in equal, or lop-sided, measure.

Only deconstructed poetry will do justice to this mistranslator of found textures, discombobulating asymmetry

and nonsense, wrecking signs & cymbals, symbols & sighs, while magnetizing loops & swoops.

Give her a workshop, and she will make it a bewitching playground, perhaps grotesque, possibly disturbing.

Give her a playroom, and she will break it and re-make it, so it wobbles and wiggles.

Artist~thinker = tinkerer of thoughts & objects:

"One who toys with, takes apart, re-imagines, re-invents, smells the insides of, is not afraid of, dirt & destruction, the grease & the oil, who loves the guts of machines and their dysfunction as much as their funk. One who destroys in the process of creation; enjoys failure and flaws, learns from unpredictable mistakes, embraces chance discoveries and poetic accidents; sees a pile of junk as (future) treasure, a box of trash as gems & jewels, to fashion into props & costumes, weapons of joy, instruments of illogic, sets and cinematic objects of phantasmagorical properties, and visual splendor and surprise. One who sees the marvelous in the mundane, utopia in the mud and sky, the future in refuse, the reuse of the discarded, a manipulator of materials, the ecological and alchemical transformation of society's garbage into the gold of culture.

"Every mistake is an opportunity." ~ Ron Vawter, The Wooster Group. 

“Every mis-take is a can of worms, every take is a can of tuna out of tune.” ~ T-Bone Slim, Wobbly agitator & poet

A magician, a puppet~mistress, a player of sonic ice cream & visual lollipop, noise swoon & wabi-sabi jazz.

She is a collaborator par excellence, intuitively open to other’s impulses, both a challenge and re-assurance to the exploratory directions of those with whom she interacts. In composition, construction and constellation, in rehearsal and research, she brings new direction, for she is a trickster and a sly detective in the experimental world of trans-media, a tireless co-investigator in the co-labor, co-laboratory, co-labyrinth of idea, action and result, producing, as the AACM / Art Ensemble of Chicago used to say: “a power stronger than itself.” Or, as Robert Smithson writes, in A Cinematic Atopia, “How to band together and make a way when there is no way.”

She’s a quark in the molecular soup,

A quirk in the bacterial stew,

A wink in the eye of inspiration,

A laugh to the frown of frustration.

She has a hungry mind & a voracious appetite, for new flavors, territories, scents; she is critical, with the ability to critique and give feedback, in an instant, especially where alien concept meets unnamed species, on the far shores of unexplored art, where unknown elements meet underexposed ideas, new weird science embraces old world knowledge.

Her playfulness is contagious; that’s a fact. She is dangerously infectious and creatively viral. [If art could kill, it will.] And, she has something invaluable: she aspires to risk. That is, she’s not afraid of failure, inexactitude, even ruin. She has the ability and the inclination to bring back something unseen, unimagined, or even, imaginary, and now seen! Something truly new.

I wrote this as an artist about another artist, the only way I would want to express my support, for a younger artist that I admire and have worked with, one that I truly recommend and wish will continue to thrive into the difficult future of following her desires and directions. For me, it rings true, and is intuitive of how I perceive this unique creative being and intimate friend.

<> Bradley Eros is an artist working in myriad media: experimental film & video, collage, photography, performance, sound, text, contracted & expanded cinema, and installation. Also a maverick curator, composer, designer & investigator.