Make yourself comfortable,

move around if you need to.

like you do when you sleep.

It helps to relax.

As you begin to feel comfortable,

move your attention all the way down to your feet.

Imagine your feet starting to feel pleasantly warm.

Warm and relaxed.

Feel your feet relaxing.

Let this warmth grow and spread throughout your body.

And as you breath in,

this feeling of warmth will start to flow up into the muscles of your legs.

Feel the warmth and relaxation enter your muscles.

Notice that you are no longer aware of your feet,

 because they are so relaxed.

Deeply relaxed.

Without any effort,

your breath starts to carry this feeling into the muscles of your lower body.

Your calves loosen up.

Your muscles are so very relaxed,

that you can’t be bothered to notice them at all.

Meanwhile, this relaxation is spreading upward,

Like liquid absorbed into a sugar cube.

No need to notice your body as it relaxes all by itself.

The muscles of your neck and jaw,

your tongue,

your face,

your scalp and ears,

all the way through

from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

Warm and relaxed,

deeply relaxed.

As you sit safe and comfortable,

breathing freely and easily.

You are no longer aware of your body.

Your body is nearly weightless.

Enjoy this feeling,

This warm sensation.

As your mind starts to feel at ease,

without effort,

your thoughts focus on what is important,

you are in control.