2024.04.11- 2024.04.21 Thursday to Sunday 10:00 - 18:00

Hunter MFA thesis show: FOALED
@ 205 Hudson Street Gallery
Opening reception : 2024.04.11 18:00

Hunter MFA thesis show:
LeLe Dai (+ Stonie Clark)
Zachary Delamater
Joey Gonnella
Minah Park
Jack Perry
Thomas Tait

2024.04.03 Saturday 19:00-22:00
Tiger Strikes Asteroid NY gallery

Wednesday, March 6, 1pm: livestream on @tsany instagram live of the first segment of Spinners with Jessica Mensch and Emily Pelstring

Saturday, March 9, 5-7pm: Janine YC Lai will host INGESTATION, where participants are invited to make, think on, and enjoy tung yuan

Sunday, March 10, 4pm: 1st reading event of poetry and other writings at the gallery. Please email the curator at if you are interested in participating

Saturday, March 16: Performance by Jesi Cook

Saturday, Mar 31: Performance by Straw Pipes ( LeLe Dai + Stonie Clark)

Tiger Strikes Asteroid New York is pleased to present Rhapsody Tentacular, an experimental curation composed of eight variants of participation, each driven by its own impetus and improvisational spirit. The exhibition engages both the form and essence of a rhapsody, a musical composition of irregular form, often improvisational and highly emotional, as well as the concept of “tentacularity” with each autonomous arm compelled by its own independent curiosities and processes, yet connected through shared metabolism of energy cycled through the gallery space from these activations both on and offsite. The eight “arms” of the exhibition, invoking the likeness of an octopus, consist of individuals and collaborations working across diverse modalities of performance, broadcasting, dance, research and archivism, culinary arts, interactive installation, musical composition, writing, and poetry. The gallery space serves as a nexus for these energies to briefly intersect as they pass though, with open potential to form kinship.  

Participants are listed alphabetically below under their respective “arm” of the exhibition. Note: numerical organization is for reference purposes only and does not imply any sequential order.

Arm 1: Jessica Mensch, Emily Pelstring

Arm 2: John Felix Arnold, Jesi Cook, Amari Jones, Leo Ryan, University of North Carolina Wilson Special Collections Library (Organized by Sarah Carrier and Nadia Clifton)

Arm 3: Straw Pipes (Stonie Clark and lele dai)

Arm 4: Kathleen Granados

Arm 5: Janine Lai

Arm 6: Sarah Crofts, Weihui Lu

Arm 7: Alice Cohen, Anthony Sertel Dean, Andy Demczuk, Nat Evans, Zachary Keeting, Chanteclair/Katie Kotler, Joe Moffett, Kate Mohanty, Now That’s What I Call Girl Talk (Lyle Daniel and Arthur Sillers), NTHNL, Mike Santiago, Frank Schellace, Ronen Shai, Kate Sherman, Joel St. Julien, Bob Szantyr

Arm 8: Rachel Allen, Stephen Ira, Justin Kamp, Eva Swiecki

*Additional writers and poets TBA

The concept of this show grew from a desire to experience an exhibition outside of a conventional model where typically the roles of participation—artist, artwork, space, curator, audience—are fixed, and these fixed points of value are more easily aligned with late capitalism structures of power. The heart of the proposal to rethink what the gallery space can hold, and how it can contain, came from a deep appreciation for Ursula K. LeGuin’s notion of The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction-- which uses Elizabeth Fisher’s Carrier Bag Theory of Evolution, a proposal that the first cultural device used by humans was a carrier bag instead of hunting tools, centering the telling of human history around an action of gathering and containing, rather than killing and conquering—to recenter the telling of human stories around interdependent growth and gathering, rather than the destructive, traditional hero’s tale. Likewise, the form of the exhibition is contingent upon collective momentum, rather than fully formed individual work.

Rhapsody Tentacular begins with a “table read” on February 24th, where participants will meet, most for the first time, and set intentions for their projects to take place during the run of the exhibition. The term “table read” can refer to the gathering of an entire cast of a production for the first readthrough of a script, and also to table-turning, a practice of mediumship popular in the Victorian era where a group of people would perform a séance around a table and communications with spirits were deciphered through reading taps or tilts of the table. The act of setting intentions together initiates a potent energy, which each collaborator will continue to grow, separately. The participants will document the activations and updates from their projects and relay these back to the gallery at their own tempo throughout the duration of the show, and the curator will actively compose and recompose the gallery space with these contributions, so that the space is ever evolving. In this form, those involved have full autonomy over their own projects and direction, free from compromise, yet the experience of the show is time-based and shared, where the whole exceeds the sum of its parts and belongs not entirely to anyone, quite like the form of connection itself.

Rhapsody Tentacular is curated by SiSi Chen. This is her second curatorial project with TSA NY.

2024.03.30 Saturday 19:00-22:00
 Kaleidoscope Space 
Poncili Creaciön US east coast tour kickoff show 
Poncili Creaciön
Straw Pipes
Triple DJ (Miami)

2024.03.22 Friday 19:00-22:00
Grace Exhibition Space Open Call 2024

MARCH 22 // Doors 7:00 PM / Performances 8:00 PM
Open Call: Straw Pipes ( Lele Dai + Stonie Clark ) (NY) , Glenn Potter-Takata (NY)  / International: Arai Shin-Ichi [Japan], Jessica Fairfax-Hirst [Dominican Republic]

APRIL 5 // Doors 7:00 PM / Performances 8:00 PM
Open Call: Amelia Marczek, Molly Ross / Invited: Hsiao-Chu Hsia [Taiwan/NYC] International: Viviana Druga [Berlin/ Transylvania]

APRIL 19 // Doors 7:00 PM / Performances 8:00 PM
Open Call: Lina Azalea / Invited: Jacqui Ray; Celestina Minichova with Viktor Fucek [Slovakia] / International: Gim Gwang Cheol [South Korea], Kyueng Hwa [South Korea], Arianne Foks [France]

MAY 5 // Doors 7:00 PM / Performances 8:00 PM
Open Call: Cristiane Bouger, Fanny Pérez, Lena Deutsch / International: Marita Isobel Sölberg [Norway/Sami]

MAY 17 // Doors 7:00 PM / Performances 8:00 PM
Open Call: Alexa Wilson, Wasif  Sami, v, Monica Blaszczak International: Mehdi-George Lahlou

2024.02.24 Saturday 19:00-20:45


LOU HARRISON Concerto for Piano with Javanese Gamelan
Adam Tendler, piano and Gamelan Son of Lion

BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92
Conducted by Philip Nuzzo

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Online Stream Video Documentation

In an evening that seamlessly blends musical sounds and inspirations from different and diverse cultures, the performance celebrates the mastery of musical works by Beethoven and Mahler, while offering audiences the New York premiere of Lou Harrison’s rare Concerto for Piano with Javanese Gamelan.

The evening opens with a unique collaboration between award-winning and pianist Adam Tendler and Harrison’s original instruments in his rare Concerto for Piano with Javanese Gamelan. Composed nearly 40 years ago, it showcases the composer’s adventurous spirit in building instruments to explore his passion for Javanese gamelan— a classical Indonesian melodic-percussion ensemble of metallophones, drums, gongs, strings, and voices—that was further inspired by his lessons with the great Javanese master KPH Notoprojo.

Adding a layer of historical resonance, the performance of Lou Harrison's Concerto will utilize the Gamelan Si Betty, considered the largest American-built set of its kind and comprised of the original instruments built, tuned, and decorated by Harrison and his partner William Colvig. Bequeathed to Jody Diamond, Harrison’s gamelan teacher, orchestrator, and Musical Director of the evening, the concert’s gamelan musicians are from the NY-based group Son of Lion—the oldest gamelan composers’ collective in the United States. The challenge of this composition extends beyond its unconventional instrumentation—it lies in the intricate adjustment of the piano to match the tuning Harrison chose for the gamelan instruments. This musical phenomenon weaves the threads of Lou Harrison's legacy into the vibrant contemporary music scene in Brooklyn, creating a truly unique and unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

2023.12.02 Saturday 16:00-18:00

Cosmic Shelter: Hélio Oiticica and Neville D’Almeida’s Private Cosmococas

“If not every wave only even waves”


2023.10.14 Saturday 17:00-21:00
Straw Pipes (lele dai + Stonie Clark) @ Hunter MFA Spring 2023 Open Studio 

“3 days before some of them were never unprepared”


2023.09.09 Saturday - 2023.10.28 Saturday
Group Exhibition
Distortions: Moscow Conceptualists Working Today

(Photo credit: Jiwoong Jiang)

Curated by Hunter College Professors Daniel Bozhkov and Joachim Pissarro with Dr. Olga Zaikina and Graduate Curatorial Fellow Victoria Borisova

Moscow Conceptualism began as an alternative underground art world in the late Soviet Union. Its unofficial status shaped its artistic methods and theoretical framework. The exhibition includes original objects, archival materials, and working models of original artworks, alongside new projects created by Moscow Conceptualists in collaboration with art and art history students and faculty at Hunter College. Thus, Distortions is an experiment in intergenerational and cross-cultural collaboration. It aims to transform the gallery into a two-month long forum exploring how existing artworks can be activated to create new living situations, and how documents can be used beyond the preservation of the past.


2023.08.26 Saturday 16:00-19:00
Straw Pipes (lele dai + Stonie Clark) @ Essex Flower Flower Fest


2023.08.25 Friday 18:00 - 22:00
Freehome Apt-Art 


2023.07.20 Thursday 20:00
The Subtle Cure @ Synesthesia


2023.05.25 Thursday 20:00 
Chaos Computer

Organized by: Eliza


2023.05.21 Monday 20:00
Chaos Computer

Organized by: Mallie Sanford


2023.03.22- 2023.04.11  
Trip to Hangzhou Grandma


2023.03.10 Friday 19:30 
Sunview Luncheonette

Organized by:
Marcia Bassett
Madai! (Gill Arno & lele dai)
Sean Meehan & Barry Weisblat
Stephen Conover


2023.03.04 Saturday 17:00-21:00
Hunter MFA Open Studio
The Lost Map


2022.12.21 Wednesday 23:59 
The Mushroom Archive at The Light Industry

361 Stagg Street, Suite 407, Brooklyn
Presented by Bradley Eros

A hypogeal influence on New York City culture for decades, artist Bradley Eros has explored and transformed cinema through a range of approaches—as a filmmaker and creator of works in collage, photography, poetry, sound, and installation, but also as a curator (he was co-proprietor of the now-legendary Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, one of Light Industry’s major inspirations).

For Eros, cinema might be contracted down to the subtle glimmerings of a cut-crystal drinking glass thrown against a bare wall, or expanded into living matrices of images projected by multifarious forms of technology; art can be as ephemeral as melting abstract ice-sculptures, or fragile installations made from lowly balls of crumpled-up magazine pages. Some of his most memorable creations have been nothing more than coined notions, put into circulation through poetic manifestos and instantiated (or not) as screenings, performances, and, most importantly, collaborations with others. These concepts over the years have included: mediamystics, ephemeral cinema, erotic psyche, Vampÿrates, eau de cinema, Ocula, subterranean science, cinema povera, poetic accidents, fragmentstein, musique plastique, Narcolepsy Cinema, metaBody, The Owl of Minerva, Artaud-Butoh, Velvet Hermetic System, Oysters of the Id, Imageless Film, and Black Hole Cinema.

For this special solstice event at Light Industry, Eros has assembled participants from two of his ongoing collective endeavors: Optipus, an ever-shifting group of projection-performers, and The Mushroom Archive, an informal network of 16mm and 8mm film print collectors. Members of the Mushroom Archive will bring prints to the Optipus participants at Light Industry during the day on December 21, and together create and rehearse a one-time performance that will take place at midnight—sharp.



MycOpti {myco~cinema / micro~cinema / mycelium film / mushroom archive / Optipus}


OPTIPUS: THE MUSHROOM ARCHIVE is a collaborative expanded cinema composition featuring live music, poetry, and performance. We aspire to weave together a spectrum of elements of the mycelium underground and its visual fruiting bodies, represented here by the film medium & its offshoots. Our images & themes including death, decay, regeneration, remembrance, transformation, and the biomorphic ecology of the body and mind. In this, we hope to evoke the connective and regenerative potential of mycelium.

We use (or misuse?) film projectors {35mm, 16mm, Super 8mm, R8} + slide projectors (35mm & magic lantern), overhead projectors, and video projection & cameras (hand-held, live recording & re-mixing), plus shadow play, liquid light, transparencies, gels, external lenses, loops, hand-processed & hand-painted celluloid, objects, foley, mirrors, mylar, contact mics, mobiles, synths, strings, percussion, samples, transistor radios, music boxes, toys, appliances, & mutable and myriad screen surfaces . . .

- BE

Tickets - Pay what you can ($10 suggested donation), available at door.

Please note: seating is limited. First-come, first-served. Box office opens at 11:30pm. No entry after start of performance.


2022.12.17 Saturday 19:00-22:00 
Group show - Desire Path: Hunt the Sun @ cc  (Secret Location)


2022.12.02 Friday 19:30
Optipus- The Mushroom Archive @ Mono No Aware MONO XVI FESTIVAL OF CINEMA ARTS


THE MUSHROOM ARCHIVE is a collaborative expanded cinema composition featuring live music, poetry, and performance. We aspire to weave together a spectrum of elements of the mycelium underground and its visual fruiting bodies, including death, decay, regeneration, remembrance, transformation, and the biomorphic ecology of the body and mind. In this, we hope to evoke the connective and regenerative potential of mycelium.

Optipus is a nomadic group of chameleon artists, cine-scientists in search of a laboratory, shape-shifting according to site-specific requirements. The group embraces the ephemeral cinema of unfixed forms and open composition. It is a magnetic field, derived from the psychic urge to build, via collective energy and desire, that also contains its opposite, the destructive impulse, seen in its wild sway towards the dangers of pure experimentation, obsolete media, and an attraction to aesthetic decay, technological destruction and failure. Optipus’s members emerge in myriad collaborations, producing works and events, soundtracks and invented instruments, video edits and film loops, and expanded cinema and immersive installations. Optipus has been seen at various venues including The Kitchen, Anthology Film Archives, The KnockDownCenter, The Parrish Museum, Participant Inc., New York University, MANA Contemporary, Microscope Gallery, Bobby Redd Project Space (The Church), Millennium Film Workshop and others. 

We use (or misuse?) film projectors {35mm, 16mm, Super 8mm, R8} + slide projectors (35mm & magic lantern), Overhead projectors, and video projection & cameras (hand-held, live recording & re-mixing), plus shadow play, liquid light, transparencies, gels, external lenses, loops, hand-processed & hand-painted celluloid, objects, foley, mirrors, mylar, contact mics, mobiles, synths, strings, percussion, samples, transistor radios, music boxes, toys, appliances, & mutable and myriad screen surfaces . . .


2022.11.03 Wednesday 19:00-20:00
HMIA (Hunter Moving Image Alliance)  presents Peggy Ahwesh
Moderated by Emiko Inoue and lele dai


2022.10.30 Sunday 13:00-18:00
Pavilion People @ Columbus Park, Chinatown

“Laundry souvenir” by Lullady, Jin Mateo Kim, Minah Park, and Stonie Clark.


2022.08.18 Thursday 20:00 
Electropixel festival @ The Shift

Electropixel festival proposes an evening of new music and experimental live cinema with Shift, in which curators Katherine Liberovskaya and Julien Ottavi asked different artist couples to propose a performance on the subject "Irrational Collective."

*Phill Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya (live cinema and microtonal music)
*Hans Tammen and Dafna Naphtali (electronic music and voice)
*Jenny Pickett and Julien Ottavi (electronic music and live cinema)
*Gill Arno and lele dai (field recordings and live visuals and electronics)


2022.08.17 20:00
Overflow Undertow @ The Shift

Overflow Undertow series 1/1 : A variety show organized by lele dai

* KeiKo Uenishi

Keiko Uenishi is a sound art-i-vist, socio/environ composer, and a core member of since 2001.

Uenishi is known for her works formed through experiments in restructuring and analyzing one's relationship

through aural memory/perceptions in sociological, cultural, and/or psychological contexts. She has been working

on a research project towards a doctoral degree at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. Her project, entitled

Partitions: Dividers, Connectors, Gray-zones, Neighbours in Aural Space, is an exploration of a “para-sphere”

where auditory stimuli sneak over other perceptions, while de-stabilizing relationships, memories, space

recognitions, and time.

* Sam Newsome: Soprano Saxophone and preparations

Sam Newsome is soprano saxophonist, improvisor and acoustic-sound conceptualist. His music explores expanding the sonic parameters of his instrument. Newsome calls his music sound-centered improvisation. His musical and sonic gamut includes tube extensions and hoses attached to his instrument, balloons, noise makers, hanging chimes, and many ignored sounds heard in everyday life.

* Lucie Vítková

Lucie Vítková is composer, improviser and performer (accordion, hichiriki, harmonica, voice and tap dance) from the Czech Republic, living in New York, 2017 Herb Alpert Awards in Arts nominee in the category of Music. Their compositions focus on sonification (compositions based on abstract models derived from physical objects), while in their improvisation practice they explore characteristics of discrete spaces through the interaction between sound and movement. In the recent work, they are interested in the musical legacy of Morse Code and the social-political aspects of music and art in relation to everyday life.

* Many many girls: A decentralized collective of improvisers

* Bungey Colle & Banigold: A puppet-riddled, pastoral slog through the factory farms of one's own inner jealousy ft. performance artist and musician Bungey Colle (Dog, Climax Landers) & members of trash puppet group Banigold.

* Light Projections (solid, liquid, gas) by Bradley Eros, Genevieve HK

& Benji Santos

* Sound Installation by Jin Mateo Kim, Shauna Steinbach and Kimin Kim

( This one will be a small installation at the front room, will add more info later)

Jin Mateo Kim is an installation artist from South Korea and Singapore, now based in New York City. Drawing from their background as a traditional printmaker, their works explore fundamental intimacy of physical touch to traces that mark the contacts of intimacy.

Shauna Steinbach is a New York-based artist and current MFA student at Hunter College. Her work originates in the overlapping space of knowing and unknowing. Utilizing sculpture, sound and installation, Steinbach investigates and exposes invented constructs, often incorporating and subverting materials from the everyday. Working in the breach between two- and three-dimensional objects, her willfully ambiguous forms question and reframe systems of value.

Kimin Kim is a South Korean-born artist who mainly works with lens-based media. Kim utilizes mundane objects to explore the idea of personal existence in a social context by often putting himself physically in the center of the works. Kim is deeply interested in how the society that we live in has been built and functioned over the years based on the sum of individual human experiences. He earned B.F.A in Photography and Film from Virginia Commonwealth University and now a candidate for M.F.A in fine arts at Hunter CUNY.

* * Interactive musical accessories by Deadhouse


2022.07.22 Friday 17:00-21.00

Center For Psychic Technology presents (ENTER) ac+ion @ The 3 Circles, Prospect Park 


2022.06.28 Tuesday 18:30 -  
Subway Intervention - Delancey/ Essex F stop
$2.75 cover?! 

Tamio Shiraishi (not present) , Aliya Ultan, Kevin Murray, lullady, Timothy Rusterholz aka Shi Heng Bi (not present), Bradley Eros, & Jamie Sweet.


2022.06.10 Friday 21:00

The Tony Tuplips Show presents: The HA! That Never Happened!

Do you love your wife, do you miss Straw Pipes?

Have you heard that Straw Pipes is back?

Yes, to confirm the rumor, the post pandemic post Bushwick (*once undergroundly famous) almost punky always janky "Straw Pipes" is doing a very rare come back show this Friday June 10th at Rubulad with a bunch of friends, including Poncili Creación (from Puerto Rico), who make big puppets and will also have performances open at MOMA PS1 in August coming up... Stonie has been living in Puerto Rico learning Spanish and practicing hip dancing...I have been buried in books and theories becoming bitter and dry... Misha is back from Hawaii looking even hotter and Lulu is switching from drum to bass turning into a virtuoso.... yes a lot has happened to us in these two years....Tomorrow's SP  will also have special guests (as usual) - Kate Mohanty and Cal Fish!

This show is organized by Tony Tulips (also from Puerto Rico), the lineup is insane:
Gabrielle LedetPoncili CreaciònDeadguyBen WassermanTony TulipsLorien
Rubulad address:389 Melrose Ave *9pm till late *
poster by Popa! *
Hold your tears


2022.06.01 Saturday 20:00
Trans Peco
Organized by NYC Noise

Mercury Symbol, Brandon Lopez, Lullady, Soless_Dialtone, MSHR


2022.02.01 Tuesday 19:00
IRL gallery
80 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Invocation VIII Fred Lonberg-Holm/Lucie Vikková/(目)

Invocation is a series curated by Drew Wesely and Eli Wallace featuring durational musical performances paired with installation art works created specifically for each iteration. Musicians and artists work in close coordination to create an immersive environment in which all present become equal participants to the space in which they are enveloped.
here is a link of previous ones:

I will not be performing alone (apologize for the poster still under the name lullady), but with two of my favorite collaborators, Jin Kim and the impossibleless Bradley Eros~  our new non-band no-name will be (目).  

Fred Lonberg-Holm
Lucie Vikková
(目) ( Jin Kim, Bradley Eros, and me)

Here is some spoiler of what we are going to do:
*all nothing are not equal.
* all silences are not the same.

"Silence . . . travels faster backwards." [1]
"The expression that there is nothing to express ~ with the obligation to express it." {2}
"I have nothing to say & I am saying it."(3)
"Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent."  <4>

[1] message on the underworld car radio from Jean Cocteau's film ORPHEUS
{2} Samuel Beckett
(3) John Cage
<4> Wittgenstein

To get ticket in advance: